Anna Czornik

legal counsel trainee by the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Cracow
mobile: +48 511 472 859
Specializes in cases in the area of civil law, commercial law, restructuring and bankruptcy law.
Participates in day-to-day service of business entities in court, registry, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings at all stages of cooperation, beginning with an analysis of the state of the business or the case and contacting with the client, through initiating informal proceedings, court proceedings, up to a current support in the daily problems.
Involved in precedent restructuring projects, audits and complex civil proceedings.
Working with TPG law firm since 2015. Previously, gained experience in law firms and legal departments of Polish and foreign entities.


Graduate of the Jagiellonian University at the faculty of law (2014) and of the Cracow University of Economics at the faculty of management (2015), also a postgraduate student in tax counseling at Cracow University of Economics (2016). Scholarship holder at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (2013).

Additional activity:

Author and co-author of publications in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring law.
Title of the best Negotiator at the Negotiation Competition of Legal Counsel Trainees in 2017.
Quarter-finalist of the Lewiatan Arbitration Competition.
Laureate of Call for Papers as part of the 3rd Polish Restructuring Congress.


Speaks English and German.


  • advising on the restructuring of companies within a capital group in the telecommunications industry;
  • advising on the restructuring of companies within a capital group in the property development branch;
  • advising on the restructuring of companies within the medical branch;
  • advising on the restructuring of construction companies, including the preparation of a precedent restructuring proposal, compositional proposal and restructuring plan in the framework of an arrangement procedure, within which proceedings one of the first agreements in Poland based on the Restructuring Law was adopted;
  • participation in an audit of an energy company, including audits of corporate governance, significant contracts, information management, intellectual property, IT, and real estate.
  • developing and advising on a business model and strategy, risk diversification, with the best possible protection of the economic interests of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs;
  • day-to-day client service for preparing, negotiating and analyzing commercial lease agreements for premises in large-area facilities and handling their commercialization;
  • preparation of a dispute between a construction company in the areas of gas transmission and storage and civil engineering;
  • participation in disputes before arbitration courts;
  • participating in unfair trade disputes;
  • participation in the procedure before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, regarding notification of the intention to concentrate;
  • advising on proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office for obtaining a license to trade in liquid fuels;
  • participation in proceedings against the State Treasury, including the preparation of a dispute regarding legislative delicts;
  • participation in the preparation of the issue of bonds.


  • A. Czornik, B. Groele, Best practices in restructuring [w:] Restructuring and bankruptcy of enterprises 2.0, C.H. Beck 2016; date of publication: June, 2016
  • A. Czornik, E. Tkaczuk, Protection against liability arising from failure to file or untimely filing for bankruptcy in light of the amendment, nr 4 [2/2016], a magazine of the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors; date of publication: June, 2016
  • A. Czornik, P. Koczwara, Proceedings for the opening of sanation proceedings from the claimant's application - practical issues, Doradca restrukturyzacyjny, no. 6 [4/2016], a magazine of the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors; date of publication: December, 2016

Not yet published:

  • Article: Pledge Administrator in separate proceedings against issuers of bonds, honored in Call for Papers of the III Polish Congress of Restructuring Law; date of award: June, 2016